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Hobby Heaven – This blog is dedicated to my love for toys and action figure. A hobby that has become part of my life for quite a long time. It was the first blog I created way back in May 2009. Some of the photos in ahp.photoworks are imported from the Hobby Heaven. I write stories combined with toy photography, post some Do-It-yourself project, and also add some toy customization or scale model.  This is my small scale paradise where I could just refuse to become adults 😀

Daily Story Notes – This is another blog by me. I made this with the notion that Daily Story Notes is the place where I’ll write more serious stuffs. It didn’t happen. Maybe I’m just lacking the serious bone in me. For the time being, you’ll find various review of books, movies and video games. Basically my view of the things I love.


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twitter @agung_hprasetyo


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